Become a Master Franchisor

RE/MAX is a global leader in the real estate industry, with more than 8,300 offices, 130,000 Associates in over 110 countries and territories around the world. Some of the many benefits that are offered by RE/MAX include the most recognized worldwide brand name, profitable and flexible business model, education and technology.

RE/MAX, LLC would like to offer opportunity to local entrepreneurs to buy the RE/MAX China Master Franchise. The Master Franchisee in China will benefit from the RE/MAX system by selling rights and providing ongoing support to region and office franchises throughout the country.

The office franchisee would recruit, retain and manage a number of real estate Sales Associates, who will provide world-class real estate services to their real estate clients.

RE/MAX began in 1973 as a small real estate brokerage in Denver, Colorado. Our founders, Dave and Gail Liniger, wanted to change the way real estate was being done in the US. They faced a tough, uphill climb; but he changed the industry (the way brokerages operated, commission structure for agents, the use of technology and advertising, personal promotion are some of the changes he brought about). We are looking for someone with that same entrepreneurial spirit, who sees how the real estate industry in China could be changed for the better by bringing RE/MAX there.

The RE/MAX China master franchisor would not be running a real estate business, but a franchising company. As McDonald’s is to the quick service food industry, the RE/MAX China master franchisor would to real estate. McDonald’s doesn’t sell hamburgers; it sells franchises who, in turn, sell hamburgers. RE/MAX China would not sell real estate; but real estate franchises which would recruit, manage and retain real estate Sales Associates, who would sell real estate. For the regional owner of RE/MAX in China, the goal would be to sell franchises throughout the country – establishing a brand presence, providing training and support, and achieving market share dominance. Of course with support from RE/MAX World Headquarters. Our calculations show that there could be thousands of independent RE/MAX office franchises opened throughout China.

We will work with the RE/MAX China master franchisor on how to bring this about. We’ve done this over 100 times in 100 countries over the past few decades. We know what we are doing, but we need a partner who will leverage our experience and wisdom to change the face of real estate in China. We know franchising very well. Our future Master Franchise partner might not know franchising like we do, but they know China. It is the combination of our strengths which will bring about tremendous success.

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